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watchmencosplay's Journal

Watchmen Cosplay
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Post pics, ask advice & discuss all things Watchmen cosplay related
I noticed there wasn't a Watchmen cosplay community and figured we need one. Just keep the LJ rules and put large images behind a cut please. Oh and no being an asshole about other people's cosplay. Don't like it, either give constructive criticism or don't comment.

We're also going to need to talk about something else here. Sometimes people on other Watchmen communities like to poke fun at 'bad' cosplay. If you're likely to be heartbroken/angry if someone lays into your precious creation, I suggest you friend lock your posts. If you're perfectly confident in your 200% accurate cosplay, or you reckon you're thick skinned enough to take it, by all means leave it unlocked. But that means, you take what you get. No flame wars, by all means comment to defend yourself but don't cause too much shit, no trolling, etc.

Crossposting anyone elses' locked text or pictures from here to ANYWHERE without permission will get you banned. Not everyone has self esteem oozing out of their ears like I do, and this is a community where we are nice to each other. Unlocked content, however, is fair game.

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If you want to affiliate, comment or send me a message