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Howdy all - thought I would share with you my recent cosplay of Sally Jupiter.

I have loved this costume since I first saw it and I finally decided to make it happen! With a little help from an insanely talented costumer friend, eBay and a local vintage hair-stylists, it seemed to all work.

Silk Spectre I: Preview by *theprincessbee on deviantART

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Rorschach & Daniel cosplay

Finally got caught up enough to post some images from C2E2 and a separate location photoshoot of us as Rorschach and Daniel.

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Is anyone going to C2E2 next week?

Spouse and I will be cosplaying as Dan and Rorschach, respectively, and I wondered if we might run into someone from here (among the 50,000+ attendees expected... xD )

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Bubastis hoodie now for sale on eBay!


One of a kind custom hoodie with machine embroidered face and faux fur details.  Men's/Unisex size small-medium.  Hood and tail are removable for washing!

To go to auction page, click picture or

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This year's Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibit is now open at FIDM in downtown Los Angeles. Watchmen is among the movies featured in the exhibit. The exhibit opened today and I can confirm that they have costumes on display for Silk Spectre, Silk Spectre II, Nite Owl, Nite Owl II, Mothman, the Comedian, Rorschach, and Ozymandias.

Of all of them, Rorschach is a little creepy to see because that's the only one where the mannequin is covered head to toe in fabric. Stand there long enough and it looks like it might actually be a real person standing very still in the costume.

Mothman made me laugh. The museum obviously has mannequins of different sizes and builds, and the one they used to display Mothman's costume is a well-built mannequin with African features. And when I say "well-built", I mean he has a very obvious package. It was a bit unexpected.

The exhibition will be open through April 17, and the museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM. The museum is free and open to the public, although a small donation is encouraged. More information about the exhibit can be found here: http://fidm.edu/resources/museum+galleries/current-exhibitions.html

I plan to make multiple return trips (I'm a student there, so it's not like it's hard for me to get to), so if anyone has specific questions I may be able to answer about any of the costumes, feel free to ask and I'll see what information I can provide. Photography is not allowed, but visitors can sketch the costumes and take notes if they wish.
Thanks to Mood fabric, Sally Jupiter came alive last night!

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For Halloween this year (& possibly cons, although I have yet to go to one :-/ ), my boyfriend David, best friend, Beth, & I decided to dress as Watchmen (especially for our college marching band Halloween dress-up day). My costume (Silk Spectre II, movie version) was probably the hardest, made over the Summer. I also made a last minute Silk Spectre (comic version) costume for my friend Beth. The Rorschach one was made by David, a few days before we wore them.
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